Venus in Virgo

Whichever sign Venus was under when you were born is your Venus sign. Venus in your horoscope shows what brings you joy and love, your values. Its placement demonstrates your needs to feel close to another person, and how you feel emotional comfort (along with the moon), harmony, and togetherness.


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It’s your “style” of receiving and giving energy, both intimately and socially. The position of your Venus sign is remarkably revealing of


How capable you are in relating on personal and intimate levels, and how social you are in general


So Venus indicates the kinds of friends and ambiance you like to be surrounded with; and of course it shows what fun means for you. It also suggests your aesthetic preferences, romantic expressions, and sensuality, as well as how you like to spend your money.

In relationships, Venus shows us the type of energy we most appreciate when it comes to expressing love. This isn’t so much the “eros” (Greek for erotic) type, although as astrologer Stephen Arroyo has pointed out, I tend to agree that we probably give this term a whole new meaning today with the “pornification” of our society.  

Your Venus sign will describe the energy quality of interpersonal emotional expression, as well as


Your attitude towards love, close relationships, and emotional openness and sharing


One more thing. I’m sure many of you are wondering how sexuality comes into play with this. 

We can’t deny the fact that female sexuality is generally more complex than that of a males. Therefore, Venus has a much stronger affinity to a women’s sexuality than to a man’s. 

As Stephen Arroyo says:


The sexual energy and its potentially free expression can thus come forcefully to the forefront when she is relaxed and feeling loved and appreciated (all Venus kinds of experience)… The impersonal Mars energy in the majority of women can flow outwardly and passionately (and orgasmically) most easily after the more personal feelings of Venus are engaged. Many sensitive men will be able to identify with this description as well.


However in our Western society many men are so out of tune with their Venus that is atrophied to the point where genuine loving affection on an intimate level is practically unheard of. The silver lining in this is that our society has become somewhat more encouraging of this broader self-expression by men in recent years.


Venus in Virgo:

Sara Eshak Virgo Print | Society 6

Sara Eshak Virgo Print | Society 6

Several good friends, as well as my boyfriend, have this placement, and most of them accurately fit their Venus description. They are overlooked more than other Venus signs perhaps due to the introverted nature of this archetype. In traditional astrology Venus in this sign is dignified, but said to be in her fall as her capacity to enjoy pleasures and do more Venusian things is inhibited due to her concern with proper work and sense of duty.

Although this sign is also ruled by Mercury, you aren’t the flirtatious type like airy Gemini. You’re rather shy and quiet and tend to be very self-conscious. You’re more of the wait and see type…wait and see what the other person’s flaws are; or wait to see if they’ll truly love you,


“Flaws and all”


That’s because you tend to be insecure and when you do feel so, you’ll be much more critical-looking for holes- in what could be or even in an already established relationship. You are sensual and very caring, but you don’t tend to open yourself up and allow yourself to be vulnerable too quickly.

Because Venus in Virgo is more reserved, people think of you as much too prudent of a person. But that’s not true. Just like any other sign, Virgo can also be promiscuous. But instead of trying to express your love in a “fuzzy” gooey way, you’ll show loved ones how much you care by all the details you remember about them.


And you do it, better than any sign!


Venus in Virgo will notice all the things, down to the smallest, that you prefer and dislike. They’re always ready to please you and serve you. Whether that means bring you dinner (not just when you’re sick) anytime you want; running to the store in the middle of the night to get your every request; giving you a foot massage, etc.

Of course, the downfall of this is that Virgo is very picky and discriminating.  But this is also how you are able to filter your lover’s likes from dislikes. It’s also demonstrative of how you have natural taste and talent for subtle, but finely detailed works of art and beauty.

In this manner, Virgo is also very attentive to your physical needs. Being an earth sign, Venus Virgo is quite sensual and aware of the way they maneuver in intimate encounters. In fact,



You may take pride in being “good” in bed based on your partner’s desires.


You simply want to please them. This placement in women is often noticed for having talent in the holistic healing arts.

You also have very high expectations, like Leo, but yours may be more complex because of your tendency to analyze things so much. You might be accused of being pessimistic for this reason. And because you do this so much, it easily goes unnoticed because you’re giving everyday, doing big and small things.

What you really want is to know that you’re appreciated. Once you’re comfortable, the negative insecure qualities tend to fade away. Really all you want is to see your partner make an effort and appreciate your discriminatory talents and all that you do for them.

When it comes to compatibility Venus Virgo is most compatible with the other earth signs (Capricorn and Taurus). But they’re also pretty compatible with the water signs.

Air and Fire Venus signs tend to be too spaced out or don’t provide the sustenance that water does, so these signs are least friendly towards your Venus.


Next… Venus in Libra.

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